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No matter where you are in the world, our coaching gives you results, strength, confidence, improved mindset, better nutrition understanding and a complete lifestyle transformation while working with real coaches who care.

Total. Unique. Fitness.

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About Us.

Meet The Schrempps

We are Cameron & Brittany Schrempp. Former collegiate All-Americans turned Health and Fitness Professionals.

Fitness is what brought us together years ago and now we spend out days and passion with thousands of clients all over the country.

Together, we have 3 kids. So we GET how tough it can be to manage family life with your health. We TEACH you how to build and maintain health habits inside the gym AND inside the kitchen, while balancing family, work life and any hobbies you have.

Our promise to you, is that TUF Coaching is unlike any other coaching experience you've had, why? Because it's our priority to make sure YOU are always #1. Your goals are our goals. Your progress and enjoyment of the process is our priority.

Come join us and together we will build your strength, stamina, confidence, build your mindset and transform your body.

-Cam & Britt

Our Services

Experience the most effective online personal and nutrition coaching system to achieve the body transformation results you want with TUF Online. We offer a variety of training programs and coaching options.


Train with Brittany Schrempp

Co-Owner. Functional Nutritionist & Exercise Physiologist. NPC Bikini Competitor

Brittany specializes in all around health and fitness for men and women, weight loss, hormones, gut health, nutrition for longevity, habits, strength and conditioning and competition coaching.


Train with Cameron Schrempp

Co-Owner, Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach.

Cameron specializes in power and mass development for men, women and athlete, mindset and mental toughness, weight loss, proper weight cutting for wrestlers, and all around health and fitness for men and women.


Shop our Recipe Books Training Templates and Apparel

Browse our amazing recipe books, PDF training programs and represent our logo with a TUF t-shirt, tank top or ball cap.

All About Our TUF



Check into and track all of your workouts; reps, weight and sets. 
Track your workout progress and view strength gains by graphs.
View an entire calendar of scheduled workouts.
Watch video demonstrations of each exercise in your workouts.

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Track all of your nutrition and food intake.
View hundreds of simple and family friendly TUF recipes right in the app.


For optimal accountability and guidance, y ou can communicate with your coach right in the app and send them a message anytime! 

*some of our workout program only options do not come with in app coach messaging.



Upload progress photos, track your weight, body measurements and body fat percentage with the ability to view graphs of your data to ensure you are making progress.


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