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"We take a lot of pride at TUF to be not 'just another fitness program'

With us, each individual and each journey is totally unique.

No matter who you choose as your trainer, whether you're an online client or an in-person member, we work with each member and client to not only change their bodies but also change their life! 

Are you ready to take that step with us?

Meet The Coaches


Brittany Schrempp

Brittany is a certified Nutrition Specialist and Exercise Physiologist with a degree in Exercise Science. She specializes in rapid fat loss, lifestlye coaching, meal planning, corrective exercise, elite athlete coaching and bikini competitor programs.

Brittany is a national level Bikini Competitor and designer of TUF's most popular program for women

-TUF Love


Cameron Schrempp

Cameron is a certified personal trainer who specializes in combat sports, elite athlete coaching, lifestyle coaching for Men, power and mass building, mobility and corrective exercise.

Cameron is a former All-American wrestler, former MMA fighter and boxer. He gives an extra edge and intensity into his training programs. He has programs designed specifically for Men and Hunters.


Colt Goff

Colt is a certified Personal Trainer with a Bachelors degree in Exercise science and Physical Education, a masters degree in Exercise Science and is currently obtaining a PhD in Sports Psychology. Colt specializes in power and mass development, elite athlete coaching, overall health and wellness and bodybuilding.

Colt is a former national level collegiate wrestler. He is the designer of our popular All-Around Health & Performance program.

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