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Blake Roorda

Certified Personal Trainer

The deepest sense of accomplishment comes from achieving the goals you set for yourself. As long as you give it your all and put in 100%, you are a winner, regardless of the outcome.

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My Story

Who am I: Hello there! I'm Blake Roorda. I had the pleasure of befriending Cam and Brit through our shared passion for bodybuilding. I'm thrilled to join the TUF coaching team! I recently moved to Sioux Falls with my wife after spending several years in Aberdeen, SD. During my time in Aberdeen, I earned an undergraduate degree in Exercise Science and started my career in the fitness industry in 2017. Since then, I've been fortunate to work with and guide a diverse range of clients toward their fitness goals, many of whom aspired to compete in bodybuilding.

Specializations: Lifestyle, weight loss and contest prep. Resistance training for optimized hypertrophy growth

Competitive Career: My interest in bodybuilding sparked my journey into fitness. I struggled with obesity throughout my youth and adolescence, but in high school, through sheer hard work and discipline, I managed to lose over 100 pounds in one year. In 2020, I entered my first bodybuilding competition as a men’s physique competitor, which ignited my passion for the sport. A few years later, I earned my national qualification and competed at the NPC Nationals in December 2023. I look forward to continuing my competitive career.

What I love about Coaching: I'm passionate about coaching because it allows me to share my expertise and experience with others. As a coach, my goal is to guide you efficiently towards your goals, ensuring you achieve them faster, with greater ease, and more knowledgeably than I did. Witnessing clients achieve their goals is incredibly rewarding. Equally fulfilling is helping them navigate plateaus and witness that 'ah-ha' moment when everything falls into place and progress resumes.

Build your health foundation or gain an extra competitive edge with my individualized online coaching approach.Work closely with your coach to create tailored plans and receive personalized nutritional guidance.Whether you're aiming to enhance overall wellness or improve athletic performance, or hop on a bodybuilding stage, my programs are designed to meet your unique goals effectively.

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Individualized Online Coaching for Lifestyle and Competition

  • Workouts​

    • Online: Receive a fully tailored training plan accessible through our fitness app. This is 100% customized to your goals, strengths and weaknesses, imbalances, fitness level, equipment access, etc.

    • Easy access from ANYWHERE in the country or world.

  • Nutrition/Macros:

    • Customized nutrition guidance

    • A progressive Approach: Learn about nutrition gradually to develop sustainable habits

  • Recipes

    • Family-Friendly Recipes

    • Access: Available in our training app for easy reference and meal planning

  • Habit Tracking

    • Track your habits uniquely tailored to your lifestyle and goals

  • Coaching

    • Weekly Check-Ins

    • Detailed Review: Receive personalized feedback, new goals, and updates to your training plan

    • Direct messaging capability within the app for any questions or concerns

    • Calls: Schedule phone or video calls for more in-depth discussions and support

  • Posing (Competition Coaching Clients Only):

    • Routine Development: Build and perfect your posing routine for competitions

  • Customization

    • This is not a one-size-fits-all program; it’s designed specifically for your unique body and goals

  • Personal Attention

    • Work closely with a dedicated coach throughout your journey

    • This structured approach  emphasizes individualized attention across workouts, nutrition, habit tracking, and communication channels. 

All About Our TUF



Check into and track all of your workouts; reps, weight and sets. 
Track your workout progress and view strength gains by graphs.
View an entire calendar of scheduled workouts.
Watch video demonstrations of each exercise in your workouts.

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Track all of your nutrition and food intake.
View hundreds of simple and family friendly TUF recipes right in the app.


For optimal accountability and guidance, y ou can communicate with your coach right in the app and send them a message anytime! 

*some of our workout program only options do not come with in app coach messaging.



Upload progress photos, track your weight, body measurements and body fat percentage with the ability to view graphs of your data to ensure you are making progress.


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