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I am Brittany Schrempp, Mom, Step Mom, NPC Bikini Competitor and National Qualifier, owner of Total Unique Fitness with my amazing partner and husband. I hold a Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science and currently hold certifications as a Nutrition Specialist and Exercise Physiologist.

My training philosophy is that health and fitness is all about making YOU a better YOU. It's more than weight loss and looking good. Its about FEELING good, feeling more energized and feeling accomplished.

I work with clients and athletes of all ages who all have different jobs, fitness levels, body types, schedules goals - I treat each client as a UNIQUE individual. 

Which is why add personalized touches to each and every person I coach. Because I KNOW that no two clients are coached the same.

No matter which program you choose, I am personally there with you every step of the way. Ypou'll never be talking to a robot. I take a lot of pride in being present and available for my clients. ​

Becasue you are getting a in-person feel, virtually, this is unlike any coaching system you've ever tried before.

And I cannot wait to work with you

I am a personal trainer, I am a nutrition coach, I am an accountability coach, I am a friend, I am a mentor, I am a shoulder to cry on and I am your biggest fan!

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