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Hi! I'm Cameron Schrempp.

Join my Online Team & lets get started on your goals!

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I am Cameron Schrempp. Certified personal trainer and co-owner of TUF. 

I am a former collegiate All-American Wrestler for Dickinson State University, where I studied Exercise Science.

My coaching and programs specialize in elite coaching for athletes, power and mass development, general health and fitness for men, physique and bodybuilding coaching/prep coaching, combat training, along with nutrition coaching/proper weight cutting for wrestlers.

Alongside of coaching part time, I also work a full time job as an Ag Lender. I am passionate about teaching other Dads and Men how to be able to manage their health, family and their line of work.

I truly believe you can be successful at all and that by focusing on your health, you will find success in many other areas of your life.

1-1 Coaching

Apply for 1-1 Fitness & Nutrition coaching and receive a plan 100% tailored to you and your goals. 

You and I get to work closely and hand in hand with detailed weekly check ins, regular coaching calls and everything you need for accountability. 

This option includes competition coaching. 

I take clients by application ONLY.

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This is my most popular coaching program.

Join hundreds of men in this monthly progressive strength and nutrition program and LEARN sustainable healthy habits and behaviors.


Build your strength and stamina with new workouts each month and accountability with in app messages with me.

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