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When it comes to exercise, women easily get confused and overwhelmed. Google training programs for women and there are hundreds of thousands of training plans out there that “work” or claim to work. But which one is most effective? What type of training is right for you? Most women tend to start one training program, get bored or when they do not see results immediately, they move onto another one, never really giving their body a chance to adapt and see TRUE progress.


This is why I’ve created this 6-Week Training Guide and Template for you. So you don’t need to hit Google.


The work is done FOR you from a coach who takes every little detail into consideration, and by an educated coach who truly cares about YOU and your progress.


Follow this 6-Week Program to a T, and I guarantee you will finish the 6-Weeks feeling empowered, confident, and stronger.


Includes a laid out plan and downloadable/printable plan for

  • Dumbbell only home workouts
  • Gym workouts
  • Strength training protocols
  • HIIT training protcols
  • Cardio training protocols
  • Core training


Designed by TUF Coach and Owner: Brittany Schrempp


*this is a downloadable and printable training program and training template, it is build for women but not 100% taiored to YOU. It also does not come with individual coaching with Brittany or TUF app access. If you wish to have TUF app access and/or coaching with Britt, please contact us today!

6-Week Training Program for Women

$39.99 Regular Price
$29.99Sale Price
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