One thing we know for sure, you will never regret investing in your health. Our goal for you in this program is to LEARN and develop LIFELONG nutrition habits. 


With the help of our Certified Nutrition Coach Brittany Schrempp, you will:


  • Virtually go through your fridge and pantry and learn about what to look for on labels/how to organize your pantry
  • Learn how to plan your weekly meals to align with your family, schedule and likes, dislikes
  • Learn how to meal prep 
  • Learn how to track your meals, and what types of foods you should be eating on a daily basis
  • Focus on creating new healthy habits based around nutrition, sleep and water intake
  • Learn new, healthier ways to cook and create LIFELONG, realistic ways of eating
  • Have a coach to hold you accountable able guide you on the right path, always available through text, email and virtual coaching calls


THIS IS NOT A FAD DIET. This program is all about LEARNING what a proper, balanced diet looks like and learning how to implement good nutrition into your life. We focus on WHOLE, real foods. 

Nutrition Program (8-Weeks)


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