How to get more, doing LESS!

Women tend to over train and under fuel.

I recently heard this statement used to define the current state of women’s fitness.

We are doing so much to try to lose weight or be more fit.

Many women come to me because they are not getting results, and they want to know what more they can do. But they are already working out regularly, dieting, watching what they eat, running, doing CrossFit, etc.

Often times doing more is not the answer, especially long term. You’ll not do yourself any favors by constantly wanting to do exercise and diet MORE. You can get better results that will last you a longer time that you can maintain for life doing LESS.

Here are five ways you can do less and get more results:

Less Reps.

Heavier weights and a lesser rep range will efficiently challenge your muscles and force them to grow. Many women under estimate their own strength and how much weight they can lift. Pick heavier weights and do fewer reps. You’ll build muscle, you’ll appear tighter and more toned (not bulky) and it fires up your metabolism.

Less Cardio.

Shorten the length of time of your cardio but make it harder. Instead of running for an hour which basically teaches your body to conserve energy (which means you have to add more and more time to see results) do high intensity metabolic conditioning for 20 minutes. Your body will be much more challenged and forced to adapt to the different kind of stimulus.

Less time sitting.

Get moving! Walking is very under estimated in how effective it is for fat loss. There are things we can’t control but that means when we’re not working, or traveling, we need to be moving as much as possible. Try a walk in the morning and also after dinner. I highly recommend a FitBit, it’s a great accountability tool and it’ll help you understand how much you are (or are not) moving.

Less hitting snooze.

Most people are not sleeping enough. However hitting snooze is not the answer. Even though it seems like you’re getting more rest, snoozing can make you feel worse because you’re not getting as deep of sleep even though you’re staying in bed. Instead just set your alarm for 15 or 30 minutes later so you’re getting a fuller, deeper quality sleep. You’ll feel much more rested.

Go to the gym less.

You don’t have to go to the gym every day. Remember women are over training. Do you find yourself burning out? Then your workouts are not even effective because you’re not recovering. Go to the gym 3-5 days a week, do some heavy strength training and then 1 or 2 metabolic conditioning cardio workouts.The other days of the week do some active recovery, things like walking, going to a yoga class, getting a massage, playing tennis, chasing your kids around and so on. I want you to move and live, but don’t live in the gym. Your gym workouts are far more effective when you’re not there all the time and when you’re doing other things outside of it.

The myth of women’s fitness and fat loss is that we aren’t doing enough. The truth is many of us are doing way too much, you’re running yourselves to the ground.You’re not fueling your body properly for exercise, and are not resting and recovering enough.

Shift your mindset to quality over quantity. It’ll take you further and be something you can maintain long term.

Your fitness routine should compliment your life - allowing you do to the things you love with ease. It shouldn’t be your life. Doing less is a great way to get more: more challenge, more value, more recovery, more life!


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