Holiday Transformation Challenge

Did you enjoy that extra hour of sleep Sunday morning?

“Fall Back” is possibly my favorite day of the year. What could be better than a FREE extra hour in the day?? I know it is something all of us could use a lot more often.

But my excitement over that extra hour quickly fades with the fading daylight that comes along with the time change.

The days are much shorter now, and you’ll probably be waking up and heading out to work in the dark and coming home after the sun has already set.

We are moving into the shortest, darkest days of the year.

And if that isn’t enough to zap your motivation, the chilly weather and the busy holiday season will probably be the final straw.

It is certainly a lot harder to stay on track this time of year. Oh and did I mention all the holiday cookies you’ll be facing each day??

Rather than fear the inevitable weight gain from too many treats and lack of gym visits the next two months may bring, why not take charge and commit to staying on track instead?

I want to help you do that with my 6-Week Holiday Transformation Challenge!

This exercise and nutritional challenge invites you to avoid the holiday weight gain with workouts. I am not going to suggest you diet or even avoid holiday treats.

(Don’t go crazy either, but look, a little fruit cake now and then never hurt anybody … who was also crushing it in the gym daily!)

This is a workout challenge just for workouts. No diet, no restrictive eating. 6 weeks of activity designed to keep you motivated and moving when let’s face it, you might otherwise not be.

It’s going to be fun, too because there will be a Challenge group in our app just for participants, and one on one coaching with ME to help you in every way possible.

Here’s what you get with 6-Weeks of Fitness:

  • A 6-Week workout plan to follow in our fitness app

  • A nutrition guide to help you learn to plan, prep and clean eat to fit YOUR lifestyle, tastes and family

  • A clean eating recipe book

  • Bonus healthy treat recipes


All you need for the workouts is some space and a set of dumbbells. If you do not have access to a gym you can do them at home, no problem! 

The workouts are short but effective. None should take you more than 30-40 minutes! Although you’ll be moving every day you won’t be spending hours at the gym or waking up so sore you can’t move! This plan allows for less active recovery days and although you’ll still be burning calories you won’t be over doing it with workouts so you don’t have to worry about getting injured. 

My goal with 6-Week Transformation Challenge is to help you stay active and sane this holiday season, avoid putting on the inevitable 5-10 pounds of holiday fluff, and keep you moving in a time of year when it might be the last thing you want to do.

When January first rolls around, rather than be among the many people looking in the mirror and wishing for a fresh start, why not be ahead of the pack with a routine you can just keep building on? 

Since you’ve been active for the last six weeks (or more) you won’t have to be looking for your motivation on New Year’s Day - you’ll know right where to find it. And you won’t be weeks behind where you want to be just because you spent the last two months on the couch eating Christmas cookies.

Join my 6-Week Transformation Holiday Challenge and get your mind off the family parties and fruitcakes. 

Here’s your chance to look forward to the holidays and the shorter days, instead of dreading them.

Hope to see you in the challenge!

Be sure to email me at for questions about the challenge or your health. I love hearing from you.

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