Here's why it doesn't matter what you weigh

By now you are probably getting a little sick of me (and many others) saying "screw the scale."

But I have to keep saying it because not enough people are listening. (Or if they are they don't believe me.)

Don't get me wrong, progress is being made. Little by little more women are starting to embrace the idea of being more, not less. They are coming to me talking about wanting to get strong or improve their health.

Oftentimes, yes, they want to lose weight, too. But they understand this is just one factor in how a healthy diet and regular exercise can improve their life.

It is a concept I myself have even struggled with. It is so ingrained in us to evaluate our progress (and value) by how much we weigh on a scale. (Which is little more than the amount of gravitational force we exert on the Earth ... or something like that.)

I always have my clients celebrate exciting "non-scale victories" so they can see how much progress is being made no matter what their weight is.

Today I am going to share them with you as reminder to never let a simple number on a machine determine the success or failure of your efforts.

Non-Scale Victories:

•    Being able to squat down and stand up from the ground without using your hands or any object for assistance. •    Being able to run further in less time and with greater ease than you could previously.

•    Helping your husband move furniture without difficulty, and feeling good when he comments on your newfound strength.

•    Carrying all eight bags of groceries into the house ... in one trip.

•    Going sightseeing on vacation with family and not having to stop and rest for the first time ever.

•    Signing up for a five mile nature hike without any concern of not being able to keep up.

•    Finding your average mile time has improved

significantly on your runs when you haven't even been trying for a new PR.

•    Waking up in the morning without the knee/hip/back pain you've suffered with daily as long as you can remember.

•    Climbing several flights of stairs and not feeling winded.

•    Having a new acquaintance compliment you on your muscle definition.

•    Shopping for new clothes because your old ones are all too big.

I could go on, but I won't. I think I've made my point.

As you continue on your health and fitness journey, be sure you're making note of all victories, scale and otherwise. So many of my clients have found areas of their life improved in ways they might never have expected from focusing more on their diet and making movement and exercise a priority.

What's the number on a scale matter if you look better, feel better, move better and live better?

Weight is nothing more than a number. And all the feelings and accomplishments you can achieve by getting strong and healthier add up to a whole lot more than that.

That's all for today. 

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