4 reasons your weight loss is stalled

There's nothing more frustrating than putting in the time and effort to workout and eat right yet seeing nothing in return.

Sometimes we feel like nothing works. No matter what we try the scale does not budge.

If you can relate to this feeling, you might be doing one of these four things which is keeping you from getting results.

1. Focusing too much on what everybody else is doing.

Are you constantly scroll through Facebook and Instagram looking at your favorite fitness accounts, comparing yourself to all the other people you see? Maybe this makes you feel badly about yourself and frustrated with your own lack of results. You start trying to copy what your favorite fitness model is doing, thinking if it worked for her, it will work for you.

Your favorite fitness celeb or trainer is not you, and her body and needs are going to be different than yours. She might be younger than you are, not have children, grew up an athlete, etc. On the other hand maybe you're a bit older, have a few children, started working out late in life, and so on. Two very different bodies and lives require two very different programs.

Just because something worked for someone else does not mean it will work for you. Instead of looking to see what everyone else is doing and trying to copy it, focus on your own body and what makes you feel your best and fits into your life. The best way to get results is to find a program that works best for you.

2. Suffering from "shiny object" syndrome.

Are you always trying out the latest workout program, or the latest diet fad, so much so that you're changing things up all the time and not giving anything enough time to actually work?

Not sticking to something long enough to see if it actually works for you is a great way to stay stuck. How can you know what works if you are constantly program-hopping?

Variety is a good thing, but too much variety is not. Change things up a little bit day to day and week to week in order to keep yourself from getting too bored, but you need to stay with a diet or exercise program at least eight (probably 12) weeks to know if it works.

3. You're going too hard.

How intense is your diet and exercise routine? Are you working out pretty hard almost every day and eating less than 1500 calories a day? It is possible you're actually over doing it.

Fat loss, muscle building, and physical change happens when the body recovers from the workouts. If you aren't allowing your body time to recover from workouts, then you're likely staying stuck. Similarly, eating too low calorie means your body doesn't have the necessary nutrients to repair and rebuild. All your hard work in the gym is basically meaningless because your body can't adapt.

If you find yourself constantly sore, tired, lacking energy in the gym or getting sick a lot and the scale isn't moving, I suggest backing off your workouts a little bit. Get in the gym four to six days a week but vary the level of intensity. Also take a look at your calorie intake and be sure you're eating enough to sustain your recovery.

4. You're not doing enough.

The opposite of going too hard in the gym is not doing enough. Are you walking more than 5,000 steps a day? How much are you pushing yourself in your workouts? How much are you eating and are you making good choices?

There is a middle ground between beating yourself up in the gym and not doing enough. Workouts should be challenging, but doable and you should be able to recover. Also your body needs and wants to move so if you spend the majority of your day sitting, get up and get moving! Eat enough to sustain your activity but don't make excuses to eat more or make bad choices.

In this case you need to get tough on yourself. Really assess how much you're doing and if you could work harder. Don't expect to get results from work you're not doing.

If only weight loss was as easy as just working out and watching what we eat, but the truth is more complicated.

There are many reasons why the scale can stop moving, and these four aren't the only ones, but it gives you a starting point

Look inward, really think about what you're doing and ask yourself if any of these four things sound like you and what you can do differently starting today.

Make it a great day!





I am Brittany Schrempp, Mom, Step Mom, NPC Bikini Competitor and National Qualifier, owner of Total Unique Fitness with my amazing partner and husband. I hold a Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science and currently hold certifications as a Nutrition Specialist and Exercise Physiologist.

My training philosophy is that health and fitness is all about making YOU a better YOU. It's more than weight loss and looking good. Its about FEELING good, feeling more energized and feeling accomplished.

I work with clients and athletes of all ages who all have different jobs, fitness levels, body types, schedules goals - I treat each client as a UNIQUE individual.

Which is why add personalized touches to each and every person I coach. Because I KNOW that no two clients are coached the same.

No matter which program you choose, I am personally there with you every step of the way. You'll never be talking to a robot. I take a lot of pride in being present and available for my clients. ​

Because you are getting a in-person feel, virtually, this is unlike any coaching system you've ever tried before.

And I cannot wait to work with you


You don’t need a cleanse, a detox or a quick fix. ❌

You need to create changes you can sustain with a clear strategy to achieve results you can keep.

If you either don’t know where to start or maybe you just can’t quite seem to create the consistency to see forward progress...you’re not alone.

I know how easy it is to get stuck, physically and mentally. The cycle that happens when life takes over and you find yourself overwhelmed and once again discouraged.

I also know the pathway to finding freedom and achieving those results you’ve been searching for.

This is my 3 Month Signature Coaching Program that helps busy people lose weight, have more confidence and do it without restriction. ...So you actually enjoy the process.

Together we work 1:1 to develop MAINTAINABLE and realistic habits that you can carry with you for the rest of your life. With a customized fitness plan that is 100% catered toward your schedule, gym equipment, fitness level, injuries, imbalances, etc, and with a nutrition coaching and goal planning to create daily habits - this is truly the ULTIMATE accountability package and not like anything you've ever tried before.

If you have fallen a victim to starting, stopping, and repeating this process because you never learned how to change old habits and develop new ones, OR maybe you've never seen TRUE results because of inconsistent workouts, or not following a progressive fitness plan - THIS IS FOR YOU!


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