8 Fat Loss Rules

After training clients for about 5 years now, I'd say about 99.9% of people have a the same goal... FAT LOSS. The vast majority of people are looking for a lean, toned and more healthy looking body.

And aside from outside appearance, a lot of us are trying to lose fat for our internal health like lower blood pressure, increased heart health, better cholesterol numbers and to simply FEEL better.

Lets get down to business....

Here are my 8 Rules for Fat Loss


If you are serious about losing fat, you MUST make time for your nutrition. Exercise alone isn't going to change your physique or internal health. It you don't feel like you have time to change your diet, make time. If you feel overwhelmed by making too many changes to your current lifestyle.... START WITH NUTRITION.

Make time for meal planning, grocery shopping, meal prepping and keeping a food journal.

Changing your nutrition can be overwhelming. So my advice to you is to take it one step at a time, one week at a time, one nutritional goal and don't over complicate things your plan. Keep it simple, realistic and maintainable.


Regardless of your goals...having an effective training plan to follow is essential. Especially if you are new to fitness and aren't sure how to design your own program for yourself. The most effective training programs are progressive. Meaning it will change variables like intensity, duration, frequency and volume as you get stronger. So set aside the fitness DVD's and videos for now and get a plan together. Whether you're doing the research and doing it on your own or hiring a personal trainer to get a plan together for you.


The common though is that weight training is for only muscle building, athletes and performance. While it's great for those things, it's also an essential component for fat loss. When your goal is fat loss, the idea is to burn as much fuel as possible. It comes down to burning more calories than you are consuming and the best way to become a fat burning machine...is by lifting weights. I guarantee your body will be 10x more taxed from a 30 minute full body strength training workout than it would be 30 minutes on a cardio machine. The effort it takes to lift weights is FAR greater than the effort it takes to do cardio.


If you read this and immediately thought 'I DON'T WANT TO BE BULKY'... you need you read this close.

Muscle is the most metabolically active tissue in the body. Meaning, the more of it you have...the more calories you burn. For example, if I was sitting on the couch with someone who weighed the exact same as me but I had 10lbs more muscle than she did...I'd be burning more calories than her just SITTING THERE because muscle requires almost twice as many calories for maintenance than fat tissue.

I'm not saying you need to aim to look like Arnold. I'm saying you need to follow a fitness program that is designed for building muscle and muscle toning.


Fat loss training isn't about burning the most calories DURING your training session, it's about burning the most fat and calories in a 24 hour period. What you do outside of the gym is just as important if not MORE important. It's extremely important to develop a healthy overall lifestyle. From your sleep cycle to your post workout recovery routine.


This comes back to calories in vs calories out. Staying overall active throughout the day will increase your calories burned. Don't over complicate this, it can be little things like walking, mowing the lawn, house cleaning, playing with your kids, standing at work, stretching...

What I'm saying is.... DON'T BE A COUCH POTATO


If you are new to completely weight/fat loss... start small. As I said in #1, start with your nutrition and maybe some light walking. Once you feel you have developed a healthy nutrition routine you can begin adding in weight training. If you need help knowing where to begin, send me an email.


Let me start this off by saying that if you are interested in taking a fat loss supplement... just know that they WILL NOT WORK unless your nutrition is damn near 100%. There is NO pill, powder or shake out there that will melt your fat away while you eat junk all day. If there was, I would almost guarantee 50% of the US wouldn't be overweight or obese.

That being said, if your nutrition is nearing perfect, your gym routine is in place and you're looking for more edge... 1stPhorm has amazing products and is KNOWN for their performance enhancing supplements.

If you are interested in a supplement routine and are new to supplements, start with the basic foundation products, like multi-vitamins, fish oils, and Greens!

If you need any help reaching your fat loss goals, EMAIL ME! I'm always here to help.


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