Spring into Fitness! 30 Day Bootcamp

Summer is near!!!

And while we have all been in hiding all winter, with the warmer weather coming this means we are all looking forward to wearing shorts and tank tops....right??

Well..... not ALL of us!

Truth is, all winter are are so quick to stay inside where it's warm (obviously) and tend to be less active overall. Which, we all know that low activity can cause weight gain or hinder our progress in a fitness program.

Let us help you get tank top ready with our 30 DAY ONLINE BOOTCAMP beginning on April 16th!

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Just $40.00 for 30 Days of workouts and 30 days of meals and access to a top notch personal trainer!


What is this bootcamp all about?

Our Certified Health and Fitness Specialist and Certified Nutrition Specialist has designed the PERFECT 30 Day workout plan! Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or athlete. Brittany has designed this program full of effective workouts to help you overcome a plateau in your current training program, or start one all together! Her workouts combine standard strength training methods combined with HIIT training and metabolic conditioning. These workouts are extremely effective in FAT BURNING and MUSCLE TONING and overall getting you in a regular habit of regular exercising!

What about nutrition?

You can't outwork a bad diet! Because of that, Brittany has included 30 Days of detailed meal planning. Included is a 1500, 1750, and 2000 calorie day to day meal plan telling you what foods to eat, how much and WHEN to eat them!

These meals are extremely simple, include basic ingredients that you can easily find at your local grocery store AND the best part? The suppers are extremely FAMILY and KID friendly so you aren't having to cook multiple suppers! (how can you say NO!!)

How are the workouts delivered?

TUF uses a TUF training app that is easily downloadable to your phone, tablet or can access from your computer! You can virtually track every workout, track your progress throughout the entire bootcamp, message Brittany at any time, and even watch video demonstrations of each exercise within the workouts.

How can I increase my accountability?

Brittany is a TOP NOTCH personal trainer and fitness specialist and a wonderful motivator! She will do anything in her power to hold you accountable through your workouts, ensure you are checking in and staying on top of your meals. She also highly recommends starting the bootcamp with a friend, spouse or family member for added accountability!


Have questions or concerns about joining?? Email us at tuftrainingstudio@gmail.com and we will reach out to you ASAP!

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