Busy Moms Guide to Snacking

As moms, we are flat out BUSY! I don't care if you have 1 kid or 10... life is crazy and even with the greatest healthy eating intentions, we fail sometimes. A busy schedule is one thing. Taking care of your kids, attending all of their events and maintaining a busy schedule is another.

My hat tips to all you moms out there. You accomplish the unbelievable feat of juggling a million responsibilities while tending to your kids. And when school is in session, your busyness bumps to a whole new level!

We often find ourselves going to hour long (or longer) sporting events, dance recitals, choir concerts, etc... - completely unprepared; faced with the decision to either starve for hours on end, or go ahead and grab that sodium packed concession stand popcorn.

When our schedules fill up, preparing nutritious meals and snacks and following a consistent healthy eating pattern, gets shoved under the rug.

So...how can we avoid this dilemma? By coming into the day PREPARED for your busy, crazy schedule!

Pursuing a healthy lifestyle in the wake of hectic schedules is ABSOLUTELY POSSIBLE. It all starts with your snacks. It's important to remain full, focused and energized during our busy daily lives. My advice to you

1. PLAN ahead of time - purchase and prepare healthy snacks on the weekends or the night before your busy day that are easy to grab and GO

2. Don't leave the house without a snack (or a few snacks if you'll be gone all day)

3. Pack a cooler. If you know you'll be at an all day tournament - pack a cooler full of protein packed and balanced snacks for both you AND your kids! (Trust me, they'll perform better because of it too)

**If the gym won't allow you to bring in your own cooler - buy a bigger purse and pack snacks that don't need to be kept cold.

One of the questions that I get asked most often is, "What are your favorite healthy quick snacks?"

First off, I take my snacking very seriously. One might even call me a professional snacker. Especially right now, being 28 weeks pregnant...snacking has become a full-time job. I'm constantly changing my snack routine and trying new things - but here are a few of my favorite quick, simple and healthy snacks:

Check out my favorite healthy, QUICK on-the-go snacks



  • Turkey Breast Roll Ups (turkey breast and reduced fat cheese)

  • Turkey or Chicken Breast Snack Wrap (small wheat wrap, turkey breast, mustard, reduced fat cheese)

  • Hard Boiled Egg

  • Single Serve Cottage Cheese

  • String Cheese

  • Single Serve Greek Yogurt (I like Dannon or Chobani)

  • Fresh Berries (strawberries, blueberries, blackberries...)

  • Carrots and Single Serve Lite Ranch

  • Apple or Celery and Single Serve Peanut Butter

  • Mixed Veggies and Single Serve Hummus


  • Tuna Creations (any flavor)

  • Jerky

  • Skinny Pop Popcorn

  • Banana

  • Rice Cake & Peanut Butter (single serve)

  • 1stPhorm Level-1 Protein Shake

  • Apple

  • Mixed Nuts (in moderation!)

  • Power Crunch Bar or RX Bar

  • Reduced Fat Wheat Thins (18 crackers)

  • Homemade Protein Energy Ball


If you're a busy mom, like me, and looking for a little help balancing our your meals and crazy schedule...checkout out custom meal planning service (offered by yours truly - busy meal prepping mom and NASM Nutrition Specialist!)


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