5 Reasons to Hire a Personal Trainer

Whether you're new to working out, or a fitness veteran - we could all use a little help in the gym! Below are my top 5 reasons to hire a personal trainer, and how hiring a personal trainer can benefit you!


Helping Avoid Injury

Perhaps the single biggest problem of exercise and undergoing a program alone - is that you are susceptible to injury. Think about suba diving, you'd NEVER just grab some tanks and fall off the back of the boat! That's a recipe for disaster. While, the gym isn't as dangerous as the open sea - a trainer can teach you all manner of things to keep you from hurting yourself. Such as: good mechanics and form, when to go hard and when to rest and the basic principles of exercise and how to design a good program.

A Personalized Plan

Not all body types are created equal, meaning no two people should train the exact same. Having someone who can tailor your program to you specifically, can make a huge difference when it comes to reaching your fitness goals. Whether you're looking to get ripped, or drop some weight - a good trainer will know how to tailor a workout specific to your needs, which will ultimately help you maximize your time spent in the gym.

Managing Expectations

A lot of people hit the gym expecting big results - right away or just after a few weeks of exercising. Developing a healthy lifestyle takes a lot of work, consistency and TIME. A personal trainer will help you set realistic goals and teach you how to follow through with them

A Second Set of Eyes

It's always good to have someone watching your form to make sure you're getting the most out of your workout. More importantly, a personal trainer can show you when you're going it wrong. That second set of eyes will help you feel more comfortable while exercising - rather than like you're always doing something wrong.

An Engaging Routine

The biggest obstacle to getting fit is not wanting to show up, and it's hard to want to show up when you're bored with your routine or don't quite know what to do when you get there. A trainer knows how to mix things up and can help you figure out how to actually enjoy your workouts and see great results from the workouts


Are you on the fence about hiring a personal trainer? Drop in or send us a message and schedule a FREE CONSULTATION to see if hiring a TUF Trainer is right for you!

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