How to Handle Holiday Treat Gifts

"Oh wow ... an entire box of chocolates and a basket of holiday cookies ... thanks so much.." One of the hardest things about trying not to gain weight during the holidays is how often we receive treats as gifts.

The sentiment is well-intentioned, but in truth how many times have you groaned on the inside when someone gifts you a big box of sugar because you know you are going to end up eating it even though you're trying really hard not to pack on pounds?

Plus, you don't want to offend the gift-giver, who is only trying to do something nice but is actually murdering your weight loss goals one sweet treat at a time.

Here's some advice for how to handle these gifts without pissing off your friends and without wrecking your waistline.

1. Re-gift it. When someone gifts you something sweet and surgery, say thank you and tell them how much you will enjoy it. Do not open it. Mention how you will take it home and share it with your spouse or kids. The give it to someone else as a gift. Lie and give it away? Yes. You spare their feelings and you do not have to eat it to make the gift appreciated. Plan to give it to someone else and you won't be tempted to open it because you know if you do you can't give it away. A little well-intentioned lie is ok in this situation.

2. Stay strong. In truth, your weight loss goals are your concern and no one else's. This person is not intentionally sabotaging you, and only you can sabotage yourself. Just because someone gave it to you does not mean you have to eat it. Accept that you still have a choice, put your willpower pants on and either throw the whole thing away, give it away or have one or two then pitch it. Just because someone gave you a box of cookies doesn't mean you're entitled to eat the whole thing.

3. Say it loud and proud. Let as many people as possible know you're trying to either lose weight or stop eating sugary treats and hopefully people will actually listen and choose something else as a gift. Drop hints if you have to or just come right out and say you'd prefer gift cards or maybe a night out with friends instead of the usual box of candy for a gift. It is ok to make it clear ahead of time. However if someone presents you with a treat as a gift, that's probably not the time to say "thanks a lot I'm dieting! Way to screw me up big time!" Instead, say thanks and something like "I'm really watching my sugar right now so I will just have one for now. But I know my kids will love it if I share with them." This way you're being straightforward without hurting someone's feelings.

Sugar and spice and everything nice is all around this time of year which makes it hard to avoid gaining weight.

My advice: stay active. If you're working out every day you can counteract some of those extra calories plus you'll have more motivation to avoid blowing all your effort on the Cheryl's cookies. :)

If you need extra support, don't be afraid to say so. We are here for you!



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