An interactive nutrition program designed to demolosh your current habits and construct a new, organized and enjoyable way of good nutrition. 

Its NO secret that your nutrition is going to account for 80% of the results you see. Unfortunately, it's the HARDEST to master.

After perfecting my nutrtion system over the past 7 years, I've established a workshop to TEACH you how you can make healthier nutrition choices, and HOW you can implement meal organization without being restrictive or completely eliminating the things you love in your life. 

This workshop will TEACH you how to meal plan, prep, grocery shop, all about carbs, proteins and fat, food tracking, and how to create a maintainable nutrition routine that specifically fits YOU.

All while being personally interactive with me, your nutrition coach, throughout the entire process!

I've broken down this interavtive workshop into 5 weeks and 5 phases, where each week we work on breaking down your current habits and rebuilding new ones! 







Our FIRST Nutrition Renovaton begins on MONDAY OCTOBER 28TH!



(limited spots available!)

meal planning & Prepping

LEARN how to implement meal planning, meal prepping, and meal organization into your life and how you can use it for nutrition success. From meal planning, grocery list making, meal prepping to organizing your pantry/fridge!

You will send me your meal plans each week for accountability!

habit creating

Demolishing unhealthy habits and rebuild your nutrition based on REAL delicious foods that work for you, your lifestyle, AND your taste

(without being restrictive and still being able to enjoy the foods you love!)

food managing

Learn how to manage your nutrition through tracking and learning about the importance of potion control, balance, carbs, protein and fat and how these all come together for healthy, maintainable nutrition habits.

**You will receive custom macros to follow throughout the program!


Check in 1:1 with me each week through message. You will continuously feel accountable througout the entire program, plus you and I get to work together to create the best system for YOU.

dumbbell workouts

Daily virtual workouts that you can complete on your own time, at your own pace! ALL you need is a pair of dumbbells. Workouts are all designed to be 30 minutes long.

*Workouts are an additonal cost, please see price difference above*

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About Me...

I am Brittany Schrempp, owner of Total Unique Fitness with my amazing partner and husband. I hold a Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science and currenly hold certifications as a Nutrition Specialist and Exercise Physiologist.

My philosophy is that nutrition and fitness is all about making YOU a better YOU. It's more than weight loss and looking good. Its about FEELING good, feeling more energized and feeling accomplished at the end of each day.

I work with clients and athletes of all ages who all have different jobs, fitness levels, body types, schedules goals - I treat each client as a UNIQUE individual. 

Which is why add personalized touches to each and every person I coach. Because I KNOW that no two clients are coached the same.

I am personally there with you every step of the way. You'll never be talking to a robot. I take a lot of pride in being present and available for my clients. ​

Becasue you are getting a in-person feel, virtually, this is unlike any coaching system you've ever tried before.

And I cannot wait to work with you

I am a personal trainer, I am a nutrition coach, I am an accountability coach, I am a friend, I am a mentor, I am a shoulder to cry on and I am your biggest fan!


Total Unique Fitness, LLC


105 N Broadway, Hartington NE 68739