Brittany's 8-Week Nutrition Program


A customized online nutrition system designed to teach you how to plan, prep and organize your nutritional lifestyle  and using REAL foods for nutrition SUCCESS!

Brittany works with each individual client to help them develop better overall nutrition habits that they can maintain for the REST of their lives.

Through this process you will:


  • Virtually go through your fridge and pantry and learn about what to look for on labels/how to organize your pantry

  • Learn how to plan your weekly meals to align with your family, schedule and likes, dislikes

  • Learn how to meal prep 

  • Learn how to track your meals, and what types of foods you should be eating on a daily basis

  • Focus on creating new healthy habits based around nutrition, sleep and water intake

  • Learn new, healthier ways to cook and create LIFELONG, realistic ways of eating

  • Have a coach to hold you accountable able guide you on the right path, always available through text, email and virtual coaching calls


After a long, crazy day at work, you come home to a house full of noise. The kids need to be bathed and put to bed. There are dishes in the sink. The dog needs to be taken out before bed.

You finally finish all of this work. You've had dinner. You sit down on the couch to grab a little time for yourself. You should go to bed, but you want a little time to unwind.

Although you're not hungry, you start to think about the chips and dip in the kitchen. You're trying to watch what you eat, hoping to lose a few pounds, but the chips are calling to you. Inside your head, there is a voice saying "don't do it" and another voice saying "it won't really hit anything, I will just have a few. I worked out today..." 

Into the kitchen you go, and before you know it you've put back half the bag. 

Have you ever felt like you were a slave to food?


As if you know what you're doing is not helping you reach your weight loss goals and yet you do it anyway? You might not even know why.

When you're uncomfortable in your clothes and desperately want to lose a few pounds, eating less and avoiding bad habits like late-night snacking is a must. However, sometimes, even though we want the results so badly, we can't seem to stop these destructive habits.

I know what you want. You want to be at a more comfortable weight, you want to enjoy an occasional treat without falling off the wagon, to stop relying on food to feel better.

The truth is, all of those things are possible, but the old way of counting calories or logging all your meals in an online tracker isn't going to get you results.

Those methods don't work because they don't address the underlying emotions, feelings, behaviors and triggers causing you to make choices that you know aren't helping you lose weight.

We can know how much to eat and which foods to eat and yet still not do it.


The answer is because there are many more factors which influence what you eat than simple knowledge.


Even if you know what to do. But you aren't doing it. Not consistently.

If this is a struggle you can relate to, this program will benefit you.

Throughout this 12-Week Nutrition Program, NASM Certified Nutrition Specialist Brittany Schrempp will work with you one on one to find your own nutrition success.

Brittany looks to teach you that you DONT HAVE TO BE AT WAR WITH FOOD. In fact, with a little planning, prepping, meal organization, and focus goals, you will find yourself having more energy, losing weight, and FINALLY able to enjoy your foods without the guilt.

This is NOT a diet or a restricted calorie plan.

This is learning to choose REAL foods to fuel your body, and simply becoming more organized with your process.


Once you're signed up, Brittany will reach out within 24 hours to schedule a face to face, online consulation to learn more about YOU!

virtual cleanout

Brittany will virtually go through your fridge and pantry and teach you about what to look for on labels along with tips on how to rearrange your pantry and fridge for nutrition success.

custom planning

After 2 weeks of custom meal planning, done by Brittany - you will transition into LEARNING how to meal plan and prep your own meals to align with your likes, dislikes, schedule and family!

weekly transition & support 

Brittany takes a lot of pride in being PRESENT for her client. With regular face to face calls, emails and weekly goal setting sessions, you'll feel more accountable than ever!

For further questions please email Brittany at, ANYTIME


If you are ready to stop feeing at war with food....

About Brittany

Let me introduce myself....

For those of you who are new to training with me...I welcome you! And for those of you who are signing up with me again I appreciate you!

I am Brittany Schrempp, owner of Total Unique Fitness with my amazing partner and husband. I hold a Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science and currenly hold certifications as a Nutrition Specialist and Exercise Physiologist.

My training philosophy is that health and fitness is all about making YOU a better YOU. It's more than weight loss and looking good. Its about FEELING good, feeling more energized and feeling accomplished.

I work with clients and athletes of all ages who all have different hjobs, fitness levels, body types, schedules goals - I treat each client as a UNIQUE individual. 

Which is why I offer one on one coaching with this transformation challenge. I promise to answer all of your messages, questions and to encorage you during this process! 

I am a personal trainer, I am a nutrition coach, I am an accountability coach, I am a friend, I am a mentor, I am a shoulder to cry on and I am your biggest fan!

And I cannot wait for the opportunity to work with you!

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