Grab your significant other!

Join our Online Team & work with Cameron & Brittany on your goals


We are Cameron & Brittany Schrempp. OWNERS and main coaches here at TUF Online Personal Training. 

Whether you are looking to get in shape for a big event like your wedding or a vacation OR if you are looking to build a stronger and healthier foundation with your significant other, WE ARE HERE TO HELP!


Fitness is what brought us together and we truly believe that our quality time in the gym together, along with sharing the same health goals is what keeps us strong as a couple. 

1-1 Coaching

Apply for 1-1 Fitness & Nutrition coaching and receive a plan 100% tailored to each of your goals.


Men, you work with Cameron and Women, you will work with Britt. We will work closely and hand in hand with detailed weekly check ins, regular coaching calls and everything you need for accountability. 

We take into account schedules, goals, current habits and body type, equipment type, food likes and dislikes, etc. when building custom programs

We take clients by application ONLY.

tuf love/alpha package

TUF Love is Britt's most popular month to month strength and nutrition program for women! 

TUF Alpha is Cameron's most popular program build specifically for men! 

This option gets you a discounted monthly price if you both sign up together! 

Workouts are 4-5 days per week, strength training based and designed for the gym or home 

*dumbbells, a bench or ball and resistance bands required for the home plan*

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