a fully customized fitness & nutrition routine 

Britt's Signature Coaching Program

You don’t need a cleanse, a detox or a quick fix. ❌

You need to create changes you can sustain with a clear strategy to achieve results you can keep. 

If you either don’t know where to start or maybe you just can’t quite seem to create the consistency to see forward progress...you’re not alone. 

I know how easy it is to get stuck, physically and mentally. The cycle that happens when life takes over and you find yourself overwhelmed and once again discouraged. 

I also know the pathway to finding freedom and achieving those results you’ve been searching for. 

This is my 3 Month Signature Coaching Program that helps busy people lose weight, have more confidence and do it without restriction. ...So you actually enjoy the process. 

Together we work 1:1 to develop MAINTAINABLE and realistic habits that you can carry with you for the rest of your life. With a customized fitness plan that is 100% catered toward your schedule, gym equipment, fitness level, injuries, imbalances, etc, and with a nutrition coaching and goal planning to create daily habits - this is truly the ULTIMATE accountability package and not like anything you've ever tried before. 

If you have fallen a victim to starting, stopping, and repeating this process because you never learned how to change old habits and develop new ones, OR maybe you've never seen TRUE results because of inconsistent workouts, or not following a progressive fitness plan - THIS IS FOR YOU! 

And I cannot wait to work with you!


A fully customized workout schedule to fit your individual goals and needs


Learn a way of eating that is best for your body type, your schedule, likes and dislikes. A meal plan that is realistic and maintainable with no extreme restrictions. So you can enjoy the process.

goal setting

We will focus on building daily behavior goals that help create healthy habits overall. Things like eating veggies, drinking water, etc.

1:1 Coaching

All the accountability you need to stay on track! With weekly detailed check ins, biweekly or monthly coaching calls and 24/7 message support!


I am Brittany Schrempp, owner of Total Unique Fitness with my amazing partner and husband. I hold a Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science and currenly hold certifications as a Nutrition Specialist and Exercise Physiologist.

My training philosophy is that health and fitness is all about making YOU a better YOU. It's more than weight loss and looking good. Its about FEELING good, feeling more energized and feeling accomplished.

I work with clients and athletes of all ages who all have different jobs, fitness levels, body types, schedules goals - I treat each client as a UNIQUE individual. 

Which is why I create 1:1 coaching programs online. Because I KNOW that no two clients are coached the same. Each program in this signature program is 100% customized to YOU.

And I am there with you every step of the way!

I am a personal trainer, I am a nutrition coach, I am an accountability coach, I am a friend, I am a mentor, I am a shoulder to cry on and I am your biggest fan!

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