All-Around Health & Performance 

12-Week Fitness Program

"It doesnt matter is an individual is going to transend into an elite athlete or trying to feel better picking up their kids. These individuals need a certain level of all health concepts: cardiovascilar endurance, muscular endurance, muscular strength, and flexibility and thats really what this program is all about" - Colt Goff


The human body is an amazing and facinating organism, which works BEST when it's ACTIVE.


This All-Around Health and Performance Program is designed to help you build a proper strength foundation and to guide you into a healthy exercise routine; with the ultimate goals being to develop LONG TERM habits and to help the body achieve optimal performance. 


Examples of the powerful benefits of movement:

  • Lower blood pressure

  • Better regulation of blood sugar

  • Lower resting heart rate

  • Improved immune function

  • Improved energy levels

  • Increased musclar strength and endurance

  • Improved cardioresoiratory function

  • Increased flexibility

  • Better joint health

  • Improved mental functioning 

  • Higher qualirt sleep 

  • Increased metabolic rate 

What you get:

  • Daily wokouts delivered through our custom training app

  • Tips from Trainer Colt

  • Messaging with Colt

  • Body stats and tracking. Track your body weight, measurements, and all of your progress photos right in the app on your personal dashboard

  • Workout tracking. View your workout progress and stats for each exercise you track. Our app will notify you whne you reach a new personal best!

Trainer Colt Goff

"The goal for this overall program is to help individuals lose weight if thats their goals, help them have better toning and muscularity and essentially enhance their life. 

This relates a lot to my philosophy of fitness in the sense that I want it to ENHANCE an individuals life. I want individuals to get the MOST of out the effort that they put into their health." 

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