12 Week Strength Training Program

designed specifically for women




Fitness can be intimidating.

You walk into the gym, or try to exercise at home and you're either unsure of how to use the gym equipment properly and not confident enough to try, or not sure what types of effective exercises to do at home.

So...you hop on a cardio machine or are stuck staring at a TV screen while you exercise with a trainer who doesn't know anything about you.

Imagine a different kind of workout.

You wake up, roll out of bed, grab your fav pre-workout and head to the gym or into your home workout area. You open up your TUF app and click on your calendar, only to see the workout scheduled for you for the day along with a friendly and motivating message from your trainer.

You view the workout, tune into your favorite radio station and get to work, feeling accountable knowing your trainer will be checking up on you.

And most of all, feeling confident knowing you're following an effective and progressive program guided by a trainer who cares about YOU.

Welcome to my 12-Week Strength Training Program.


Designed specifically for women and made to help you shred body fat while becoming stronger.

This program combines traditional strength training methods with cardio and HIIT style workouts in 3 progressive phases. This program can be completed from home or the gym. 

A coach in your corner available for all Q&A and accountability

A workout schedule that can be arranged to fit yours

Effective workouts paired with a meal guide, custom macros and nutrition guidance

Meet your Trainer:

Brittany Schrempp

"I am a wife,  mom, a step mom, a business owner, personal trainer and a nutrition specialist. I get that you are busy, I am too. When you're looking to make changes in your lifestyle and in your physique the last thing you have time for is worrying about designing your own program. I have done ALL the work for you.


This is an extremely effective training program whether you're a postpartum mom, advanced athlete, looking for weight loss, or a strength training newbie.


All I need is for you to dig deep with me and commit yourself. 

I take a lot of pride in being present and available to my clients. I will be there for you every step of the way! I am your friend, trainer, support system, nutriton coach, accontability coach, shoulder to cry on and your biggest fan!

Lets do this, together!"



"I lost inches and saw a considerable amount of change in my stomach, thighs and arms. I truly found a strength in myself that I didn't know I had. I loved using the training app and feeling accountable to complete my workouts. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone. 

I feel a huge sense of accomplishment after completing this program! 

— Merissa C.

"Working with Brittany at TUF after my second baby has been fantastic. I feel like I finally found myself again and for that I will forever be thankful for her and her programs"

— Maddie D.

"I feel amazing after completing this program! am stronger and more confident and haven't been this lean since I played college volleyball." 

— Katie P.

"After years of only doing cardio, I fell in love with weight training after completing this program. The accountability of the app and with Brittany available for all questions and motivation helps tremendously. She truly cares about your progress and on your journey with you."

— Kristi W.

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